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Gameboy Colour

2011-09-26 17:04:54 by ElectroHarbour

Gameboy Colour music anyone?

Gameboy Colour

Pokemon 15th Anniversary

2011-08-02 07:25:08 by ElectroHarbour

I know no one reads this news-feed thing of mine.

Yet I still post on it regardless.

Pokemon is 15 years old this year.

I will be making a few more Pokemon remixes, check out the two already up - Pallet Town, and Ecruteak Theatre.

That is all.

Pokemon 15th Anniversary

8Bit Ragtime

2011-07-31 13:54:45 by ElectroHarbour

After the raging success of the first 8Bit Ragtime Song, I am planning on making a whole lot of 8bit Ragtime songs.